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by Anita Ko - Friday, 29 May 2020, 4:29 PM

Our school is ready for our students on Monday June 1 for those who have indicated an interest in a partial return.   We thank our community for their incredible support as our staff work through details with online learning and a partial return to school.  For those continuing online learning, you will continue to receive learning opportunities from your teacher; there will be some adjustments to the amount of online connections and feedback to specific times.  Your teacher will let you know.   Friday will be the best day to connect with teachers and support staff.

Here are some details outlining Prospect Lake School’s Health and Safety and Social Distance measures for a partial return:


School Density and numbers in the school will be closely monitored; classes are reduced; additional staff/visitors must prearrange and sign in; parents are asked to refrain from entering the building.  It is recommended to set up an appointment, connect or ask questions by phone or email to help to keep numbers in compliance with PHO /WCB recommendations.

Health Students and staff are to arrive at school in good health; all staff will engage in a daily self-check and monitor for illness; Parents are to assess their child(ren) each morning prior to sending to school; if they are sick or exhibit symptoms of the common cold or flu: sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, fever, stuffy/runny nose, please stay home.  Students will have a daily check in with their teacher once arriving at school.

Illness If a student shows symptoms of illness during the school day, they will go to an isolated room; a parent is contacted for immediate pick up; call 8-1-1 for consultation; child must be symptom free for 10 days or negative COVID test for return. 

Cleaning We are thrilled to have daytime custodians (Debbie 10:30-1 and Justin 12-8) at PL to support cleaning of high touch areas in the common areas, classroom and bathroom 2 x a day and continuation of general cleaning into the evening. In addition, each classroom has been provided with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray for addition cleaning.

Water fountains will not be in service; bring your own LABELLED full water bottle.

Gym/Playground/Sandboxes/Gaga Ball are closed until further notice.  Our school grounds are only for use of students and staff attending in-person during school hours.

Handwashing time will be added to the day in between transitions and eating time


Entry and Exit each division will be assigned a door as their entry and exit to decrease numbers at main entrances; lines will be marked; your classroom teacher will send out this information.  It is also shown in our safety video.  We will have staff directing students June 1 and June 3.

Hallway traffic will be reduced with staggered entrances/exits; controlled traffic flow – stay on the right; limited hallway use during class time; marks will indicate direction and  distancing.

Eating time will be remain supervised; students are seated; no sharing food; supervised hand hygiene.

Lunch Playtime is staggered; with 4 class cohorts at a time; each cohort will stay together in one of the 5 outdoor areas (soccer /track field; nature play area; tennis courts; upper field; black top/covered area)…no more than 10 in one area; each cohort has a supervisor.

Recess Playtime is staggered; with 4 class cohorts at a time; a class cohort may pair up during this break time; each cohort has a supervisor.

Bathroom will have occupancy limits; 2 at a time; middle sinks and urinals will be closed to allow for distancing; there will be supervision by staff as a reminder for 2 at time and handwashing.

Classrooms will have reduced furniture to create more space; desk/tables are separated; teaching about your bubble and 2 m; use own supplies; common equipment used will be set aside for cleaning.

Busing will continue on it’s regular route.  We encourage parents if they are able, to drive their child to decrease the bus density. 

Parking Lot Prospect Lake will have additional supervision at the parking lot crosswalk until 9:00 to assist with car drop offs.  Please drive up to the crosswalk before exiting, students to exit on the passenger side quickly to keep the flow of traffic going.

Before/After school   As the play grounds are closed and we are monitoring social distancing, we encourage parents to drop off/ pick up their children close to the bell times 8:35 and 2:48 and not linger on the school grounds. All children will be entering and exiting from their specific assigned doors.  There will be no pick up or drop off inside the building.  

Our Safety video will show some of the changes such as entrances, hallway traffic and washroom set up.  This may be helpful to your child prior to arriving at school. We are very much looking forward to seeing our returning students next week.  A shout out to our camera crew and video host Mr. Delong and Mr. Stewart and Ms. Lail.  Have a great weekend!   

Ms. Ko