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by Gabby Blackwell - Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 11:24 AM

We value the ongoing dialogue throughout the year regarding your child’s social emotional and learning needs, during

  • Informal Parent /teacher conferences

  • School Based team meetings

  • IEP or Behaviour planning meetings

  • Meetings with other professionals such as our OT/PT/SLP/Counsellor, Psychologist

Through many sessions, collaboration and planning, classes are tentatively created prior to the summer break and revisited in August and September.

We take into consideration the following:

  • Learning Needs- areas for support and enrichment

  • Learning Environment- eg. multi-age classes allow us to place students to develop new friendships, mentorship /leadership opportunities, teaching style to suit the learner

  • Social Relationship- good buddies may not make good classmates. We make every effort to consider students being placed with others to benefit the learner and learning environment

  • Composition- to the best of our ability we consider balance of gender, behaviour, social emotional, learning needs and balance of numbers for multi age class and overall class size.

Based on all of the above, I encourage parents to only make a class placement request in situations warranting special consideration. Your request and rationale will be considered during our class building process; however, please note that no requests are guaranteed.

For special circumstances, please connect with your child’s teacher or by email to the school Principal, Ms. Anita Ko, at by May 31st , 2019 deadline, including:

1. Your child’s name, current grade and current teacher. 

2. The nature of your placement request. Please do not name specific teachers.

3. The special learning, social-emotional, and/or other needs warranting special class placement consideration.

Thank you for your support and trust in the complex process of class building.