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Picture of Gabby Blackwell
by Gabby Blackwell - Monday, 25 April 2016, 10:09 AM

This week marks the beginning of our Gardening Club season!  If you have a child who would be interested in joining the club, please encourage them to come to our meetings in the French room at lunch time on Tuesdays.  Some of our tasks will include: regular maintenace of our school garden, planting flowers and herbs that will attract beneficial insects to the garden, and learning about composting and other organic gardening practices.  


At this time, the gardening club is looking for donations of gardening supplies, such as gently used pots and containers, garden stakes, seeds, starter plants, or bags of potting soil or compost.  Please contact Mme Tate if you have anything to donate or if you have questions about the club.

We are grateful for the warm weather and are eager to get digging!

Mme Tate, Mrs.Evans and Mrs.Schwann