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January Bottle Drive

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January Bottle Drive
by Gabby Blackwell - Friday, 19 December 2014, 10:23 AM

Prospect Lake Elementary will have a Bottle Drive to raise funds for our whole school in general and our Grade Five Camp Thunderbird trip in particular.

 Our bottle drive will take place in three phases:

  • First, throughout December grade five parents will distribute a Flyer to the mailbox or doorstep of homes in the area requesting residents to place bottles and cans at the end of their driveway for pick up on Saturday, January 3rd.

  • On Saturday January 3rd, bottle pick up will take place and the bottles will be stored until until January 10th

  • Finally, on January 10th between 1-4, please bring your bottles to the school and they will be sorted, counted and picked up by the Bottle Depot.

As there is a great deal of work involved in this Bottle Drive, especially on January 10th we will be grateful to have your help. If you wish to participate in either the Bottle Drive Collection on January 3rd or Bottle Drive at the School on January 10 or both please contact Jamie Disbrow (250 658-4874 or  Email us at

Cheers and I hope you get some r and r over the holiday!