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Week of September 8th - Update

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Week of September 8th - Update
by Gabby Blackwell - Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 11:07 AM

As of Monday September 8th we are unfortunately finding ourselves in the same position as last week.  The BCTF and government remain at impasse in bargaining and our teachers therefore continue on the picket lines while we all continue to hope that a resolution can be found.  In the meantime, we urge parents and other citizens to be stay up to date with current information via the media and the parties website and  A strike is designed to put pressure on both parties and with more community dialogue will come the kinds of debate, support and pressure that will hopefully move us closer.  We are all anxious to have schools restart, nobody more so than our teachers and students.
Parents and students are invited to check the September 3rd post on the entitled "Strike Update and Information for Parents re Resources" for information about web-based resources for students.  Please note as well that should the strike continue through the end of this week our secondary administrators will consider whether or not and how to provide some school-based resources to grade 12 students.
The Board of Education continues its work as is appropriate during a strike.  Board committees will meet on Tuesday September 9th and the full public meeting of the Board will occur as scheduled on Wednesday September 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the School Board Office on Keating Cross Road.  Of course we are also coming up to trustee elections which will be held on the same day as the civic election, Saturday November 15th.  We urge voters to study the issues and make an informed decision on election day.  As we move toward elections we are hosting an information evening for anyone interested in being a candidate; that meeting will occur on Tuesday October 7th at 7:00 pm at the School Board Office.

Dr. Keven Elder
Superintendent of Schools and CEO