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Picture of Gabby Blackwell
by Gabby Blackwell - Thursday, 29 May 2014, 10:22 AM

Giant Hogweed plants have been reported to be growing adjacent to, and in the forested areas on our school grounds and the Municipal tennis courts. This is a very dangerous plant as it exudes a clear watery sap, which sensitizes the skin to ultraviolet radiation. This can result in severe burns to the affected areas resulting in severe blistering and painful dermatitis. These blisters can develop into purplish or blackened scars.

Until School District and Municipal staff inform us that the plants have been irradiated, these areas are closed to the students and staff of Prospect Lake Elementary. We know that many children play in this area after school and on the weekend and we strongly urge parents to keep them away until the matter has been resolved.

Mark Guiguet