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Sept 14 Smoky Conditions update

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Sept 14 Smoky Conditions update
by Anita Ko - Monday, 14 September 2020, 7:27 AM

Good morning, 

As you know, we are experiencing continued smoky conditions.  We are in contact with our district health and safety team who are monitoring conditions and following public health advice for the schools . As recommended, our staff will reduce strenuous outdoor activities, close exterior window and doors and students who are sensitive to the smoke will have an option to remain indoors during lunch/breaks.  For further current up to date information, please visit our district website

We will continue with our many COVID-19 health and safety control measures in place including maximizing physical distancing, practising respiratory etiquette, student learning groups, frequent hand hygiene and enhanced cleaning protocols. Families are reminded to complete daily health checks prior to sending children to school.

Looking forward to starting our first full week. Happy Monday everyone.

Ms. Ko