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FAREWELL to our GR. 5s and leaving STAFF

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FAREWELL to our GR. 5s and leaving STAFF
by Anita Ko - Friday, 26 June 2020, 3:02 PM


Although we were not able to celebrate our school year end with our traditional ways, I wanted to take the opportunity to say farewell to our grade five students who are leaving Prospect Lake School. I wish you all good luck as you transition to a new chapter of your learning journey.  We are so proud of each and every one of you.  Your growth over the years and resilience has not gone unnoticed.  

For the parents of grade five students, you have been a big part of Prospect Lake School for many years as your child(ren) moved through the grades.  A shout out to our current and former PAC executive parents who are moving on to middle school.  Thank you for the hours of dedication, involvement and service to our school.  Here is a GR. 5 farewell video for you to enjoy.  We will miss you. Congratulations!


At the end of each year, we sadly have to say farewell to staff who have been with us and have become an integral part of our Prospect Lake team.

Mr. Andrew Delong stepped in as our Fine Arts teacher, Mrs. Lail’s Grade 2 classroom partner and lead organizer of our school musical.  Mr. Delong’s amazing dance party videos during our remote learning gave our staff and community the smiles and energy that was much needed.  He also put together the Grade 5 farewell video. Thank you!

Mrs. Patti Eberwein has been a wonderful addition to our learning services team this year.  We appreciated her expertise, flexibility and support throughout the year as an integration support teacher, supporting the school musical and her extra time and effort over the last few months supporting staff and our vulnerable learners.

Ms. Krista Belanger stepped in as our Learning Commons teacher.  Ms. Belanger’s calm demeanor, expertise with technology and willingness to support our staff and students was wonderful.  Thank you for looking after us and the learning commons this year.

Mrs. Sheryl Campbell has been a lunch monitor for us this year and we really appreciated her help keeping our students well looked after during our playground and lunch hour. 

Ms. Genevieve Lisik joined our staff seamlessly this year to provide French as a second Language lessons to both Mrs. Harward and Mrs. Gladwin’s classes.  Thank you for your smiles and French lessons you brought to these kindie classes this year.

Mrs. Bossence has been a teaching partner with Mrs. H’s grade ones and Mrs. Ashcroft’s grade twos this year.  We thank her for her calm and positive attitude she brings to the staff and students at PL and being a great teaching partner. 

Mr. Deryck Ball has been an amazing part of our teaching staff at Prospect Lake for the last three years.   His expertise in multiple areas in music, technology and connections with students is greatly appreciated and such a gift to our students.  We hope he returns to Prospect Lake one day.  We wish him good luck in his new assignment at Keating Elementary.