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Follow up on today's fire alarm

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Follow up on today's fire alarm
by Anita Ko - Friday, 28 February 2020, 5:05 PM

Students and staff did an amazing job exiting the building quickly and safely during our unexpected evacuation this afternoon. They were silent, calm, waited for instructions, and were patient even though it was cold and raining and their parents were arriving. 

Students would typically have a debrief with their classroom teachers, however this wasn’t possible with the timing of the alarm.  It may be a good idea for Parents/Guardians to check in with their child this evening as they may be feeling nervous and unsure as to why the alarm went off and they were evacuated. It was a false alarm caused by a faulty detector. Teachers will follow up with students on Monday.

  • Please let your child know that the school is safe as Saanich Fire have deemed it to be
  • They can be commended for knowing what to do when the fire alarm sounded and evacuated the building and listened quietly for instructions, as practised in our drills

Today was also a good reminder for families-
  • If arrival on site during any evacuation or emergency, please adhere to safety rules and stay clear of the building and do not enter the building when alarms are sounding.  The check point for guardians is the Adam Kerr Soccer field.  Please do not directly seek out your child(ren) as school staff have established routines for student orderly release. Following calm and orderly procedures will help all children feel less frightened.
  • Fire lanes- yellow painted curbs, marked fire lanes, both fire lane access gates MUST REMAIN CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. 

Again, well done Prospect Community!  Have a great weekend everyone.