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by Anita Ko - Friday, 31 January 2020, 6:24 PM


Jan 27- 31 Kindergarten registration at catchment schools

Jan 30 skating for DIV 2,4,6,7,8,12

Jan 31 Hot lunch

Feb 5 Basketball Game

Feb 6 skating for Div 1,3,5,9,10,11

Feb 6 *new first session of Mad Science *Thursday

Feb 6 *new* Policy 1100 Parent involvement -RSVP

Feb 12 *new*Basketball Game

Feb 14 ProD

Feb 17 Stat holiday- Family day

Feb 19 *new*Basketball Game

Feb 20 *new*Vaping Awareness – A Parent Education Night, 7:00-8:30 pm at Bayside Middle School

Feb 24 *new*Basketball Game

Feb 26/27 Early dismissal 1:48

March 6 *new*District Basketball Jamboree

March 11 *new*District Swim meet

January has been a quick and fun-filled month at Prospect Lake. Our January school assembly focused on the virture of Responsibility. Mrs. H, Mrs. Bossence, and Mrs. Sinats’ classes shared their Responsibility Goals with the school. In our daily announcements, student leaders have shared examples of the ways they have shown responsibility in the school. Some student examples include:

  • “My name is Mila and I am a member of the PAWS squad. I show responsibility by attending PAWS Squad meetings and making poster for our school to help promote events”

  • “My name is Rylan and I am a member of PAWS squad and Lunch Monitor. As a lunch monitor, I show responsibility by always showing up to my assigned class and doing my job of helping kids.”

  • “My name is Leah and I am a member of the PAWS Picks. I show responsibility by helping to shelve books in our learning commons.”

  • My name is Bryson and I am a member of PAWS squad. As a member of PAWS squad, I show responsibility by working respectfully with others and help to make sure our projects are done well.


Dance Club Starts on Monday February 3 at lunch for students in grades 1-3 who are interested.

Thanks to Ms. Ashcroft.

Auditions for Willy Wonka Spring Musical started this week. There was a big turn out of Grades 4/5 students interested for the musical and there were auditions on Tuesday and Thursday. Students in Grades 3/4/5 interested in stage support auditioned on Wednesday. Next week, student in Grade 2/3 interested in the musical will audition on Tuesday Feb 4.

Basketball We have 24 students getting ready for their first game next week. Go Panthers!

Knitting Over 50 students have joined the club to learn to knit with needles or finger knit.

Policy 1100 Parent Involvement Meeting 7-9 at Bayside

New date *Thurs Feb 6 (7:00 – 8:30 pm) - Bayside Middle School MPR

looking for 3-5 parents to represent Prospect Lake, please RSVP Ms Ko

Topic: Indigenous Education in Saanich - Everyone’s Journey Towards Reconciliation

1. Welcome – Bayside SENCOTEN student song
2. Presentations (5 min each) & Table Talk (10 min each)

  • SENCOTEN in Kindergarten

  • Brentwood Canoe

  • Bayside SENCOTEN

  • Claremont - Indigenous Student Leadership

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • Stelly’s Leadership Group

3. TABLE TALK – How can we leverage student leadership to help us better understand Reconciliation?

2020 Student Satisfaction Survey

This is information from the ministry website:  Your participation is an important contribution to improving the educational experiences of children.The survey currently has the same questions regardless of your child’s age, although we recognize that there may be a need to have a version for parents of younger children and one for parents of older children. On this survey, you are welcome to not answer any questions you feel do not apply to you or your child.It is important for you to know that your information is protected under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  This survey is voluntary and your response is encouraged, not required. Please do not include any third-party information (e.g. talk about other specific people) survey or any personal information about yourself. If any personal or identifying information about yourself or others is included it will be deleted before results are processed and stored. Data will be stored in Canada and accessible only within Canada.If you have multiple children in the BC education system, please feel free to complete a survey for each child, even if they are at the same school. We will ask a few demographic questions at the beginning of the survey. Your responses are anonymous; your child will not be identified as a result of your participation in the survey.We sincerely appreciate your input and thank-you in advance for your participation.

Here is a link

Password call the school  250-727-3314

Open Jan 20 – May 10

Vaping Awareness – A Parent Education Night: 7:00-8:30 pm at Bayside Middle School.  See Poster below for information and RSVP to