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Halloween fun at Prospect Lake and Claremont

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Halloween fun at Prospect Lake and Claremont
by Anita Ko - Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 12:40 PM

1. We have our PAC PROSPECT LAKE FAMILY DANCE on 5:30-8 pm Oct 24 Thursday night. Come join in on the fun with your children in the gym.  This is popular event and great way to meet your school community.  Children are in the care and supervision of their parents at this event.  For safety, we ask that families and students stay in designated areas inside the building and off the playground.  Admission by donation and concession available.  Volunteer via the PAC sign up. 

2.  The neighbourhood high school Claremont is hosting SCREAMFEST 5:30-9 and our office is selling tickets for Oct 23 Wednesday night.  For a Family of 4 is $30 or $10 a ticket. Part of the proceeds for tickets sold at Prospect Lake remains at Prospect Lake.  This event begins at 5:30 (spooky and suitable for elementary students) on Wednesday evening.  After 7:30 the event gets spookier for older students.