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by Gabby Blackwell - Thursday, 12 April 2018, 8:25 AM

Good morning,

Some parents have asked about today's theme.  If there are questions, this may be helpful...

Every year, Prospect takes part in special fun days. Some years we have had orange and black day, wild sock day, inside out day, red and white day for Canada's 150th, etc. We have also had a "wear your sport/club/activity jersey day". Some students wear their dance t-shirt, others wear their hockey jersey, and those who are in clubs like 4H, Scouts, Brownies, etc. have worn parts of their outfits or uniforms. It is a celebration of all of the amazing things that students and staff participate in.

Today students are invited, once again, to wear a jersey to celebrate our diverse interests. We will also wear a jersey to show support for the victims and families of Humboldt. It was a horrific story that not only affected the small town of Humboldt, but has deeply touched many people across our nation. Wearing a jersey on this day is a small, grassroots idea that has started in the Fraser Valley of B.C.

As parents, you may have had questions from your child regarding this event, and for others, the topic may not have come up due to the age of the child(ren). We recognize that every family has different connections to traumatic events.

As a staff, we know that parents may call upon us, if their child requires support in working through feelings that may have come up for him or her, as a result of the Humboldt tragedy. We wish to be respectful of family needs and levels of comfort, around sharing of information with elementary school children, such as this tragedy. We will continue to use the first principle of crisis/trauma response and model calmness, should your child ask questions about Humboldt. We will not, however, be initiating dialogue about this incident. Our jerseys will visually show our support.

Anita Ko
Prospect Lake Elementary