There are many important roles that parents play to make Prospect Lake the safe, dynamic place that it is. The following outlines some key programs that have been implemented at our school, explaining why we need them, and how parents can step up and make them happen. Please have a look and see where you can help to make our school stay as wonderful as it always has been. If you don’t feel you can take on a role by yourself, grab a friend and co-chair a program. Getting involved is easier than you may think, and it is a perfect way to meet some new friends and feel connected and at home at Prospect Lake.

Morning Watch (aka Safe Arrival)
This program was put into place to make sure that every child makes it to school safely. We ask all parents to call in to the morning watch line to make the school aware that a child will be absent or late that day. If a child is marked absent from class, and their parents have NOT called in, then a call is placed to the home to make sure that the child is safe.

We have many people that volunteer to check the phone messages and make those phone calls home. What we need is someone to coordinate those volunteers. This entails:
Making up a roster for all of the available volunteers, (examples are available at the office, as is the list of willing volunteers) Historically volunteers do morning watch approximately twice a month, i.e. every second Tuesday
Contacting the volunteers to make them aware of their start date, and subsequent shifts
Acting as the point person if someone consistently is missing their shifts and perhaps needs to be replaced

Coordinating this program takes 2-4 hours at the beginning of the school year, and periodic phone calls throughout the year
Being a morning watch volunteer takes 20-30 minutes twice a month

Earthquake Supplies
Every year parents send in comfort kits for their children in the case of a disaster where the kids are unable to return home for a prolonged period of time. In addition, there are supplies at the school such as fresh water, non-perishable foods, tarps, emergency supplies, etc. These must be checked each fall and replaced as needed. This is obviously an incredibly important program and is one that only takes place at the beginning of the school year, and it is best suited for 2 people so that it is completed in a timely manner. This entails:
Checking the earthquake supplies contained in a back pack in each of the classrooms as well as the library, office and French room. Removing previous years comfort kits, putting in this year’s supply.
Checking the supplies in the green earthquake bins in the school yard and purchasing any replacement items. Payment can be arranged through the PAC treasurer or the front office

Coordinating this program takes 4-10 hours at the beginning of the school year. This can be completed over a period of time.

Hot Lunch
This program was started to provide the students with one special lunch most months. Originally it was pizza, a drink and a small treat. For the kindergarten classes, we offer the drink and the treat. Over the years different hot lunch coordinators have put their own spin on things, and the introduction of healthy schools also changed what we were able to offer. This means that there are lots of different options for running this program. Many area restaurants are set up to handle hot lunch day orders and it may be a good idea to use an establishment that already has a system in place to do this. Coordinating this program has historically been shared by 2-4 people. This entails:
Outlining dates for hot lunch, coordinating with school administration (hot lunch is generally not offered in December and usually ends in May)
Deciding what food/drink to offer
Setting prices to cover costs and/or make a small profit for the PAC
Sending out order forms 2-3 times a year (Past forms are available at the office to get you started)
Collecting all of the forms and tallying what needs to be ordered
Placing food orders and arrange pickup/delivery times
Arranging for volunteers to distribute lunch in each class room (there will be a list of willing volunteers in the office)

Coordinating this program has often been broken down into three positions.
Food coordinator (ordering of food…arranging for delivery pickup)
This postion takes approximately 1-2 hours per month
Volunteer coordinator (phoning all of the volunteers to arrange for at least one per classroom to distribute lunch)
This position takes approximately 30-60 minutes per month
“Bookkeeper” (sending out the order forms, collecting order forms, liaising with the PAC treasurer regarding money)
This position takes approximately 1-3 hours per month

Being a hot lunch volunteer takes 30-45 minutes per hot lunch day

Head Checks
In order to keep outbreaks of lice at our school to a minimum, periodic head checks are required. There are many parents in the school who have experience with what to look for when checking for lice and nits, and our school’s community nurse will also be available to do a training session for new recruits. Head checks should be scheduled for the beginning of the year, and after any school breaks. There is usually one done in late September, January, and after Spring Break. A class-wide re-check may also be needed if any cases of lice are found. During a lice check, volunteers are stationed in the carpeted area. One volunteer is in charge of collecting a class of kids, and checking off their names from a class list as they are being seen by the head checkers. After each child is checked they then return to their classroom. Once one class is nearly finished, the runner should collect the next class. Please note that every effort should be made to be discrete if lice/nits are found on a child. A small check mark should be placed next to the child’s name on the class list, but we don’t tell the child directly, school administration will handle contacting the family. Coordinating this position entails:
Scheduling lice check dates (checking with the office to ensure that it is a suitable day to do it)
Coordinating a team of volunteers to come in and help (5-8 is ideal) and the list of willing volunteers is in the office
Printing off class lists to note who has been checked

Coordinating this program takes 1-2 hours approximately 3-4 times a year.
Volunteering to check heads takes approximately 1-2 hours per head check day

Marvelous Monday
This program runs several times a year, each time with a different colour theme. The whole school brings in fruits and vegetables to be in keeping with that days colour, as well as dressing in the theme colour when possible. The students are led to the Interurban Trail for a walk and some fresh air. Upon their return to school, a snack of all of the fruits and vegetables is shared amongst each classroom. It is a wonderful day that highlights healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, and provides students with an opportunity to try some fruits or vegetables that they may not have experienced before. Coordinating this program entails:
Arranging for volunteers to come to the staff room on the morning of the Marvelous Monday (a list of willing volunteers is available at the office)
Cutting up of all of the fruits and vegetables and putting a selection on trays for each classroom (asking your volunteers to bring in cutting boards and knives has proven to be very helpful)
Arranging for volunteers to be stationed along the rail trail during the walk

Coordinating this program takes approximately 2-3 hours per Marvelous Monday
Volunteering for Marvelous Monday takes approximately 1-2 hours per Marvelous Monday

Class Reps
Every classroom needs a class rep to be the liaison between the PAC/school staff and the rest of the parents in that class. Class reps are the point person for the teacher to put a call out for volunteers that are needed, or to do a call out for emergency closures, etc. Being the class rep entails:
Obtain a class list with contact information
Be available to call parents with requests for volunteers, etc.

The time commitment required to be the class rep varies depending on the classroom teacher’s needs.

School Planning Council
This group is made up of school administration, teachers, support staff and parents and meets approximately 3 times throughout the school year, often culminating with a visit with school board members to present the school plan. The purpose of the SPC is to consult with the school community in developing, monitoring, and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement. And, to acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in improving student achievement. This is an opportunity to shape the direction of the schools development, and provides a behind the scenes look at the amount of thought and care that goes in to creating a rich learning environment for our kids. Joining this committee involves:
Reviewing the school plan currently in place
Setting out objectives for the current school year
Brainstorming ways to achieve these goals by collaborating with the school staff
As a group, finalizing the documents to be submitted to the school board

Sitting on this committee takes approximately 3-5 hours over the school year
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