The Prospect Lake Elementary School Parent Advisory Council (PLES PAC) is the officially recognized voice of parents within our school community. It provides an opportunity for parents and legal guardians to become familiar with, and participate in, the workings of the school.  Being involved provides the opportunity to exchange ideas among parents, school administration and staff, about educational and general school issues as well as offering a chance to become involved in a variety of issues of interest and social functions.

The PLES PAC also facilitates several programs, such as Safe Arrival, Emergency Preparedness, Hot Lunch Program, Fundraising, etc.  As parents, we recognize that our children’s success at school depends on our interest, support, and involvement in their education.

At Prospect Lake, the PAC plays a vital role in connecting parents to our school community. Typical activities of our PAC include:

  • organizing fundraising and community-building events
  • assessing parent and staff opinions and ideas regarding school goals and expenditure of PAC funds
  • helping promote school goals through parent education
  • communicating with other PACs within the context of District COPACS about issues pertaining to the entire Saanich School District (SD63)

As a parent/legal guardian of a child in attendance at Prospect Lake Elementary, you are automatically a voting member of the Prospect Lake PAC. You can play a very important role in your child's education and school by being an active participant within the PAC.

Your participation and support will not only enrich our school and community but also the lives of you and your children.  We invite you to get involved!

Last modified: Saturday, 18 September 2021, 12:16 AM