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by Gabby Blackwell - Thursday, 30 January 2014, 10:12 AM


Thank you to the parents who came to our first costume meeting. We decided that we would poll everyone regarding Medieval days and pool our resources before we start sewing. The following is a list of characters and costumes needed. If you have anything that might fit the bill please label and bring to the school on Monday, February 3rd. All items will be returned.
King - (Eric) 3 outfilts, short black pants, white knee socks,(colorful, loud, garish), crown, ties, capes, boas, capes, reversible vests or jackets, red longjohns
Queen - Olivia - long gown, short cape, crown
Prince - Jack - white knee socks, short silk pants, white puffy shirt, vest, cape, crown
Princess - Angela - long gown, cone head piece with flowing material
Artist - Anna - Claire - tights, tunic, beret
Court Herald - Luca - white knee socks, black short pants, regal vest, white shirt, hat
Farabutto Brothers - Alexa and Allysa - white blousy shirts, plain vests, white knee socks, short black pants, berets, Hawaiin shirts;shorts and flip flops
Narrators -  Cally and Jasper -black top/ black long pants, flashy vests
Guards - Anders and Jacob - black tops and black pants, gold sashes and chest straps and head pieces
Jester - Georgina -
Army - Ellington -
Culture - Arden - long gown, matching hat, long gloves
Recreation - Ian - white pants, white sweater with royal logo, tennis hat and raquet
Commerce - Brett - black robe with dollar signs all over, black pants and black shirt
Pets - Chloe - long gown or robe and hat
Education - Nolan - mortar board, black robe ,
Fashion - Sarah - long gown, matching hat, gloves
Style - Keren - long gown, matching hat, gloves
Townspeople - Meadow, Eve, Eva, Kali, Emma, Jenna, Georgina, Brooke, Katie, Anna - Claire, - white blouses or tops with a dark or black skirt and tights, red bandanas
Thanks everyone! I hope we can use and reuse lots of stuff!
Gill Chater