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by Anita Ko - Friday, 7 January 2022, 4:18 PM

JAN 7, 2022

Dear Prospect Families,

We are looking forward to having all students return to school Monday January 10.  All Saanich Schools will be open and school buses will be running on their regular schedules. Thank you for your understanding this last week.  Our staff were busy preparing for added considerations in the playground, classrooms and organization of contingency programming should our school’s needs change. You should have received communication from Superintendent Eberwein yesterday outlining some potential considerations and disruptions. Thank you for having a read of that for details.

Throughout the fall, our students and staff at Prospect Lake have kept many of the recommended Health and Safety Protocols in place such as Daily health checks, staggered entrances/exits, hallway direction markers, masks wearing, reduction in crowding, and hand washing. 

These measures outlined by public health will continue and safety measures that are being reintroduced or recommitted to are:

  • A strong reminder and commitment for ALL staff and students to be performing a daily health check, and to seek and follow the guidance of Island Health and/or 811 as necessary.   Simply, stay home if you are sick.
  • Limit visitors to those who are supporting student learning and well-being.  We ask parents to prearrange with staff via email if you need to connect and set up a virtual meeting.  If you are dropping off or picking up students please remain at the front door and not past the office.  To support our clerical staff with other duties, we’d appreciate no phone messages to students throughout the day unless urgent. 
  • Wearing properly fitted masks.  Thanks for providing clean reusable masks and spares for the day. Reusable masks will need a wash regularly.  We have some disposable ones for occasional forgotten ones, but we are running low.  If you are able to provide a box of child size single use masks for the classroom for replacement in a pinch, that would be appreciated.   
  • We once again, we ask families to avoid congregating on the school grounds at drop off and pick up time. To help us reduce crowding, thanks for a quick pick up or drop off and exit from the school grounds.
  • To increase spacing, teachers have re-examined the layout of the furniture in their classrooms and have looked to increase spacing between desks and reduce where students are facing one another where possible.
  • We will be re-emphasizing hand-hygiene practices, we will have additional reminders and signage in the school
  • Families and staff are requested to follow all travel requirements and return procedures. 
  • Staggered lunch hours will be implemented to reduce crowding (Primary K-2 will play at 11:14 and  eat at 11:40  Intermediate 3-5 will eat at 11:14 and play at 11:45)
  • Additional recess options for classes have been added 10:30, 1:15 and 1:30

If you anticipate any student absences, please indicate on school absence line     250 727-9993 or

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and thank you for supporting the above protocols.  Looking forward to seeing students on Monday.

Ms. Ko