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Parking lot reminders and NEW Kindergarten walkers

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Parking lot reminders and NEW Kindergarten walkers
by Anita Ko - Monday, 20 November 2017, 12:58 PM
 As it can be very congested at drop off and pick up, please use the Drop Off Zone by pulling forward to the crosswalk and have children exit the car on your passenger side quickly for everyone's safety. Please have children use the crosswalkDo not walk between parked cars. To help with kindergarten drop off, there will be Student Safety Ambassadors who will trained to safely walk your child from the cross walk to the supervised play areas prior to the bell 8:25- 8:37. Please be mindful of the sidewalks on Prospect Lake Road and to keep the sidewalks clear for pedestrians. 
Ways to help with congestion:
 • Pull right up to the crosswalk to drop off and students exit on the passenger side
 • Drop off earlier and pick up later. We have supervision at 8:25 and until 3:05.
 • Use the new Kindergarten walkers at the crosswalk during morning drop off.