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ICE Hint from Emergency Preparedness meeting

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ICE Hint from Emergency Preparedness meeting
by Kelly Urarii - Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 10:01 AM
Your cell phone can be a lifeline during times of crisis. At the touch of a button it can be used to call 911 or the police, as well as to reunite loved ones separated during a disaster.

At the scene of an accident, where there are casualties, first responders or rescue services are making life-and-death decisions. They arrive and want to treat you quickly and also notify your family and friends.

You can make their job easier by adding an entry in the 'Contacts' list in your cell phone under the label ICE (In Case of Emergency) with the names and phone numbers of people who should be called in case of an accident or injury.

This may help emergency and rescue services quickly contact a relative or friend--which could be vital in a life or death situation. It only takes seconds to do and responders at the scene will immediately know who to notify.